Since its inception, Midoki has been developing the technology required to deliver cutting edge, mobile experiences to players around the world; technology that has been built from the ground up by our world class programmers and artists.


Born from our work on Recce, it was refined to deliver the critically acclaimed title Plunder Pirates and now, further still on our brand new, Knighthood.




MDK supports cross platform libraries that have been specifically optimised for ease of development on mobile platforms and beyond, including iOS, Android, Apple TV, OSX, VR and AR.


The OSX version of MDK includes a vast array of built-in debugging and editing tools, as well as the ability to accurately simulate different mobile device hardware specifications and screen resolutions.


This means that by working with MDK, the user can accurately test across all devices without necessarily having the physical unit. MDK Apps built for OSX can also be run in a ’standalone viewer’ mode which allows artists to test and preview game assets exactly as they will appear in game.











As well as this there is built in support for 2D and 3D graphics, audio, networking, tools, animation, particles, shaders, effects, physics, cloth simulations, lighting (dynamic and baked) and also localisation.


There is also full support for a variety of graphics APIs including Metal, OpenGL and OpenGL ES.


The kit also includes a suite of custom tools and plugins for Autodesk's Maya, allowing the artists to assign game specific attributes to their assets, export and then test directly in the MDK viewer without the need for any additional code intervention.



Our battle library, named Mars, handles all the monsters, powers, weapons, armour, environments and game modes in Knighthood.


Mars is lightning fast and designed to be so flexible that we can insert new content quickly into the game. It has also been designed to allow us to share battles, allow players to spectate and enter on-going fights, fight each other and even rewind battles.


The agent suite allows us to create artificial players able to play to their team's strengths, exploit opponent's team weaknesses, and hence create challenging and crafty adversaries.

The agents work by predicting battles and analysing the outcomes of many potential actions and this allows us to rapidly assess the difficulty for the player.


By combining Mars and our agent suite we create bots that can crawl the game; able to rapidly determine the best load outs for players it allows us to balance the thousands of battles, monsters, powers and magical items in the game.



The Mercury system was developed to handle all the game's UI needs, something that has become increasingly important.


It features a proprietary UI layout tool and rendering system running on a Mac with live updates to a linked device. Resolution and screen orientation can be quickly changed allowing the artist to check the interface is working in all situations.


The entire flow of the game's UI can be constructed and tested from beginning to end in Mercury and then exported directly to the game, with the integration of both 2D and 3D assets available to the artist.



The networking side of our development is handled by the Jupiter system. Technology that has been created from scratch by Midoki, it is fully scalable and handles all our live products today.


Its features include dynamic shared content, leaderboards, Guilds, a chat system and multiplayer.

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