Take to the high seas in this landmark

strategy game on mobile

Set sail as a notorious pirate Captain in this insanely engaging real-time strategy adventure! Build a 3D pirate island, recruit a crazy crew then set sail to explore uncharted waters.

PLunder PIrates

ALL-NEW sequel of SEGA’s legendary action franchise

We were lucky enough to help the SEGA Hardlight team with the development of Crazy Taxi City Rush, the all new sequel of SEGA's legendary action franchise.

crazy Taxi

city rush



Cutting-edge location-based gaming

Developed in 2012, Go Deliver was a showcase for the iOS tech used in Recce. It successfully combined a living, breathing 3D map with location-based gameplay and a persistent game world coexisting alongside a real city.

New York, San Francisco, London


Recce is a fully-interactive and immersive way to discover the most popular and vibrant parts of New York, San Francisco and London. All in super-fast 3D.

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