Welcome to the jobs page! It’s an exciting time at Midoki and we’re always looking to expand the company to cover both existing products and also future ones. Are you at the top of your game, fancy a new challenge and want to join us on the journey?


Midoki offers a flexible hybrid system of working, with employees enjoying both a collaborative office environment as well as the freedom of remote working.


Below are the specific roles we're looking for right now - if you're interested please contact us at the following email address quoting the reference number.



QA Technician REF JOB001

Midoki are looking for dedicated, passionate Games Testers to join its QA Department!


At Midoki, we believe that quality is of huge importance to all areas of a game; from bug testing and finding defects/issues, to the overall balancing and quality of a title’s game play, audio and music.

We are looking for candidates with at least 1 year’s QA experience within the games industry on mobile/tablet platforms.


Key Job Responsibilities and Requirements:


  • Find, investigate and report bugs and defects in the game, and enter into a Bug Database.
  • Based from a test-plan, conduct structured testing of all critical areas of the title in development.
  • Liaise with the Development Team, providing information on bugs and be able to recreate the issues with the Development Team when required.
  • Effectively liaise with External QA Departments
  • Effectively liaise with Publisher QA through email, conference calls and video calls
  • Represent QA/Platform in various meetings about the platform, title or known issues.
  • Assist QA Manager/Leads with the duplication, distribution and security of builds for the QA Team on a daily basis.
  • Assist QA Manager & Leads with creation of  progress reports and of weekly build notes, to accompany builds delivered to Publisher.
  • Undertake internal training when required.
  • Assist the QA Manager in the day to day running of the department.
  • Undertake other reasonable work requests as needed.


Key Knowledge, Skills and Experience:


  • Excellent knowledge of mobile games and their application.
  • Basic understanding of game technology and production.
  • Able to demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Experience of using Bug Tracking Software preferred.
  • Must have at least 1 years experience of testing within a game development environment
  • Must have worked on at least 1-2 shipped titles.
  • Should be a methodical, diplomatic, self-starter
  • Demonstrate a professional attitude and work ethic at all times.
  • Show a thorough approach to problem solving and able to function independently when required.
  • Ability to fit into and work within a dynamic and creative team environment.
  • Needs to be comfortable working to deadlines.
  • An attention to detail is critical, and all tasks must be carried out to the highest standard.
  • A willingness and ability to learn is essential.



Midoki are looking for an experienced game economy designer to join their development team.


You will work in the design team on the game’s progression systems, in-game economy and monetisation. You would be responsible for understanding how a game works as a service for its customers and how the customers behave in it, identifying and developing the purchase drivers in the game economy context, and providing constant data-driven recommendations on design, tuning and pricing in order to improve the game’s financial performance.


During development you will be able to design the virtual products a game will offer, define metrics that allow you to measure their impact in the title, and work closely with the development team to see those designs refined and metrics implemented.

Once the game is launched, you will analyse the collected data and report which on the performing/under-performing aspects of the game’s economy and work with the team to provide solutions and improvements.


Your day to day duties would include:


  • Defining the virtual products and their pricing with the development team, and understanding how each of them contributes to the game economy.
  • Identifying the potential sale drivers for the different product categories in the game economy and defining the key points of exposure for those drivers.
  • Balancing the needs for those virtual products, their relation, life cycle, and their availability.
  • Regularly provide user feedback and price point tuning to the development team based on play-testing, both during game development and post-release.
  • This is a position requiring a mix of strong economy and marketing knowledge with passion for analytical game design and the free-to-play business model.
  • Reviewing/contributing to the meta design aspects of the game and giving feedback and suggestions where appropriate.




  • Graduate degree in Economics, Business Management or BA, preferably specializing in Marketing, Market Research or Strategic direction.
  • Strong understanding of gameplay and game design.
  • Strong analytical and formal thinking with the ability to break problems down into their key variables and identify relationships between them.
  • Expert knowledge of spreadsheet tools, e.g Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets etc.
  • Fluent written and spoken English, concise writing skills.
  • An interest in psychology, user behaviour and cognitive science.
  • Strong marketing knowledge with the ability to formulate selling strategies to improve the financial performance.
  • Statistics knowledge with the ability to identify the specific weaknesses and strengths in the economy’s design.
  • Understanding of client/server architecture and data collecting pipeline and mining.
  • Deep knowledge of the current free-to-play market, both web-based and on smartphones.
  • Passion for games on all formats: board games, card games, sports, RPGs, all genres of video games.




  • Some knowledge of SQL or other database querying language.
  • Some exposure to mongoDB - its data structure and tools.
  • Specific experience working on free-to-play RPG games.





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