Welcome to the jobs page! It’s an exciting time at Midoki and we’re always looking to expand the company to cover both existing products and also future ones. Are you at the top of your game, fancy a new challenge and want to join us on the journey?


Midoki offers a flexible hybrid system of working, with employees enjoying both a collaborative office environment as well as the freedom of remote working. This can be discussed further at interview, allowing for a solution that works for both Midoki and you.


Below are the specific roles we're looking for right now - if you're interested please contact us at the following email address quoting the reference number.





Game Programming






At Midoki, the Product Manager is the objective, data-driven voice of the product who drives the perspective of maximizing the game’s performance.


PMs will work on both existing game growth and new game development, combining analytical rigor and creative enthusiasm in order to find effective and innovative ways to engage players while ensuring the commercial success of the product.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Interpret qualitative and quantitative data and formulate concrete hypotheses about user behaviour in the game.
  • Identify areas where the game can be improved and communicate those effectively to the game team.
  • Collaborate with the development team and publishing organization to aid in defining the product strategy and roadmap.
  • Measure and quantify product performance against goals and report back to the team and company regularly.
  • Provide regular market analysis and insights on industry trends.
  • Responsible for pricing and ensuring the game is properly priced in all markets.
  • AB testing setup, research and analysis of data to improve performance and support key game decisions
  • Liaises with other departments and stakeholders on a regular basis.


Required Skills and Experience:


  • Proven experience in product management in game development or consumer web.
  • Experience managing live products and running multivariate testing.
  • Strong data analysis skills. Excel ninja skills is a plus.
  • Ability to present work, analysis and investigations results to executive staff.
  • Confident and goal-oriented, yet thorough in decision making.
  • Strong analytical capability and an ability to think and execute beyond the borders of your team.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • You are practical, dedicated and independent in your work and a convincing team player.
  • You have fun and are fun.
  • B.A. or higher degree in Business / Economics / Statistics is a plus.




  • Experience managing, growing and optimizing Video Ads
  • Knowledge of programming languages (SQL, Python, R, etc.)




We are looking for an experienced/senior network gameplay programmer to join our small experienced team.

The ideal candidate would be passionate about games, and live for the challenge of creating fun networked user experiences.

They would work throughout the whole project lifecycle. From prototyping, through to release & maintaining the products.


Key Job Responsibilities and Requirements:


  • Expert programming skills in C++.
  • Strong maths skills.
  • At least 1 shipped real-time multiplayer game.
  • Experience of a variety of real-time networking technologies.
  • Creating, debugging and optimising networked games.
  • Lag compensation, client prediction, working with data sent over UDP.


Key Knowledge, Skills and Experience:


  • Mobile development.
  • Objective C development experience.
  • Java development experience.
  • C# development experience.
  • Running a game as a service




Midoki are looking for an Environment Artist to join their development team. A strong portfolio demonstrating your skills in this area will be key to gaining an interview.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Create 3D props and game environments, from concept to final in-game implementation.
  • Create environment lighting and composition.
  • Use in-game editors and custom-made tools.
  • Participate in the research and concepting of new areas.
  • Work closely with the art team to follow and develop the game's art style.
  • Work closely with the Tech Art Director to follow technical requirements.
  • Work closely with the design team to follow gameplay requirements.


Required Skills and Experience:


  • Photoshop, Maya and Blender.
  • Versatility with art styles.
  • Good communication skills are essential.




  • Ability to sketch ideas as a communication tool with the team.
  • Experience with in-game VFX.




Midoki are looking for a 3D Marketing Artist to join their development team. A strong portfolio demonstrating your skills in this area will be key to gaining an interview.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Produce images and videos for social media to promote the games, events, and support the community.
  • Work closely with the Art Director and Senior Graphic designer to establish, reinforce and expand the studio brands.
  • Be able to use 3D game assets and characters and animations,  and have the ability to pose them and  improve them when required.
  • Be able to produce final creatives, mixing 3D characters with 2D elements and titles.
  • Become a key contributor in establishing the brand identity and building a visual identity that is exciting, relevant for our target audience, and consistent across all player platforms.
  • Forge and support external relations with 3rd parties (publishing, audio, etc.) when needed.
  • Be a driving force to help always deliver a high-quality product, in charge of ensuring quality and vision are respected through the creatives produced (trailers, screenshots, merchandising, licensing, etc.).


Required Skills and Experience:


  • Graphic design, art, animation, or equivalent education.
  • Strong 3D rendering, lighting and composition.
  • Strong graphic design.
  • Video editing experience .
  • Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Maya, Blender.
  • Realtime rendering experience (Marmoset / Blender Eevee).




  • Ability to model and texture 3D props and backgrounds. independently when required.




We are looking for a Game Designer to join a small but experienced Design Team to help maintain and grow our current Mobile Game Knighthood.

The designer will be comfortable with technical detail, large complex data sets and be willing to learn and adapt to the constantly changing needs of a small development team.

Precise role and seniority is flexible, based on the degree of experience the candidate brings to the team.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Managing complex data to maintain and create content for Knighthood.
  • Designing and creating new content that will engage and retain players, new and old.
  • Communicating the details of design to both technical and creative teams.
  • Responding to analytics and player sentiment to improve KPIs and maintain a passionate player community.
  • Working as part of a team of Design peers to monitor and maintain our live games, and get involved in the design of all aspects of our games.


Required Skills and Experience:


  • Strong skills in spreadsheet usage and technical data handling are essential.
  • An enthusiasm for game systems and detailed balancing.
  • Analytical with an attention to detail and the ability to understand technical constraints.
  • An enthusiasm for Free to Play game design, and an understanding of the challenges of maintaining Live Operations.
  • A knowledge of combat mechanics and strategies.. Prior experience of balancing combat content in an RPG or MMO context is a plus.
  • An understanding of game economies. Prior experience of designing and balancing game economies is a plus.
  • The ability to think holistically about a game, understanding both player and commercial motivations.




  • Experience of working with Free to Play and/or Games with a strong Live Ops component.
  • Experience of working on a game with an active community.
  • Experience of working with data analytics and making decisions with KPIs and testing requirements in mind.
  • Prior knowledge of Midoki products and Knighthood in particular would help a new designer get off to a flying start.



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