Crazy Taxi City Rush out now on iOS and Android

Along side the development of Plunder Pirates, we were lucky enough to help the SEGA Hardlight team with the development of Crazy Taxi City Rush. This is the all new sequel of SEGA's legendary action franchise and is now out on both iOS and Android platforms.


We'd like to wish both the game and the team every success for the future.





Plunder Pirates joins Apple's Australian App Store

After many weeks at sea, the mighty ship Plunder Pirates has reached the golden shores of Australia.


As part of the run up to the global release, we're excited to announce that from today Plunder Pirates is also available as a free download on the Australian App store.


With a whole raft of new Pirate Captains to plunder, there isn't a better time to join in with the pirate mischief making.


Plunder Pirates Official Website



Plunder Pirates hits Apple's Canadian, and Finnish App Stores

The winds have died, the seas calmed and the mighty ship Plunder Pirates is ready to set sail. With the invaluable help of the Rovio Stars team, we're very pleased and proud to announce that Plunder Pirates is now available to play, for free, on Apple's Canadian and Finnish App Stores.


Developed by Midoki, Plunder Pirates sees you washed ashore on a desert island, with your mighty galleon at the bottom of the sea. It’s up to you to get things shipshape again: build up your island, gather a fearsome crew of pirates, explore uncharted, monster filled waters and battle rival Captains!


Using Midoki's own cutting edge 3D mobile game engine you can spin the camera 360 degrees to see every angle of your pirate island, laid out just how you want it. When you’re ready to hit the waves, head to the tavern to recruit a band of seafaring scoundrels – there are 10 to choose from, each with unique skills and traits.


That’s not all though – you can also create or join a Guild with your friends, chat with fellow Captains and enjoy exclusive Guild perks that boost your ruthlessness in battle.


It’s FREE to play – so get ready to Build, Battle and PLUNDER!


Plunder Pirates takes the combat strategy genre to a new level with its stunning mix of 3D graphics, island defense building, land combat and exploration of uncharted waters”, said Ian Livingstone CBE, Chairman of Midoki. “With decades of console game design, as well as graphics and tech expertise, we’ve created a fun-filled, action-packed visual epic for mobile. To be partnering with Rovio Stars to launch Plunder Pirates worldwide is the icing on the cake!”


To start with, our fans in Canada and Finland can already get their hook into the game – it’s out now on iOS. The game will be released all over the world later this year.


We will see ye on the high seas, Arrrrrrrr


Plunder Pirates Official Website


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Plunder Pirates is an epic, online multiplayer strategy game coming soon to iPhone and iPad.


Build an awesome 3D base, recruit a crew of kick-ass pirates, explore uncharted waters full of monsters and treasure, and attack and plunder rival players online.


Accessible controls, Midoki's stunning 3D game engine, engaging gameplay and online competition with global leaderboards and guilds makes Plunder Pirates the most fun you can have without getting your feet wet.



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